Culture & Identity in Mental Health

Cultural Competencies: Lessons Learned From the Last Frontier

Speaker: Nick Hoefferle

This session establishes a baseline for cultural competencies focusing on examples from indigenous Alaskan cultures and from Veteran cultures.

I’m Not Broken; Don’t Fix Me: Disability Justice and Mental Health Care

Speaker: Abbie Shain MSW LICSW

This session explores mental health work in the context of justice movements around disability and inclusion. Beginning with a historical perspective, we trace the emergence of the Disability Rights movement, the social and medical models of disability, and the disability justice movement and how they impact/ed people’s experiences of mental illness, mental healthcare, and the changing role of providers in the healing landscape.

Expanding Access to Mental Health in Asian American/Pacific Islander Communities

Speakers: Joann Francis, LCSW, MSS, MLSP and Felicia Luo, LPC

Responding to the heightened violence towards AAPI communities and limited culturally-centered practices focusing on the needs of Asian Americans, Mango Tree Counseling was created in 2020 to develop bridges to healing for Asian Americans in the Philly metro area. Insights will be shared regarding the unique needs of AAPI communities garnered from 20 free community wellness seminars, notes from group supervision, and reflection on case vignettes and AAPI text.

Trauma Informed Care Best Practices for the LGBTQIA+ Community

Speaker: LaGenia Bailey, Pharm.D.,BCPP, C-IAYT

Lived experience of trauma influences all aspects of life. For marginalized communities, trauma happens daily. This session will help you understand the role of Peer Support and how to best utilize Peer Support Specialists as advocates for positive outcomes. We’ll also discuss how to work with your treatment team for compassionate and person-centered care.

The Anxious Black Man

Speaker: Justin Banks

This session will highlight the socioeconomic disparities that block mental health treatment and education for black men in America. Through research and a first hand account of living with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, participants will see how triggers under the umbrella of poverty (racism, classism) have caused black men to be behind in regards to mental health intelligence, causing delays or even restriction with upward mobility in America.

HBCU/College Engagement: It Starts With You(ng) Scholars Rise Up!

Speakers: Tonja Miles, Laklieshia Izzard, E.d.D, LPC, NCC and students from various HBCUs

A discussion by current HBCU college students on creating innovative strategies to address mental health gaps on the campus.  This workshop addresses advocacy, wellness and wellbeing while balancing diversity, mental health and campus life.

Implementing FaithNet in Your Community

Speakers: Dawn Brown, Kyle Galimba, Doug Beach and Babu Mathew

The National Alliance on Mental Illness’s (NAMI) FaithNet initiative joins NAMI state and local affiliates, faith leaders and congregations of all faith traditions to share education on how to embrace and support faith-based communities in managing their mental health. If you would like to learn more about FaithNet or implement the initiative in your local community, this is the workshop for you. Hear from the Cross-Cultural Innovation and Engagement Hub and members of the FaithNet Advisory Team.

Compartiendo Esperanza and the Sharing Hope Series: The Relaunch

Speakers: Dawn Brown, Archie Green and Kyle Galimba and Laura Martinez

The Sharing Hope and Compartiendo Esperanza Series is new! Join this workshop to understand how CCIE is engaging diverse communities in the discussion on mental health and wellbeing in Black and Brown communities, terminology and culturally centered language, and implementing community conversations.

Effectively Engaging BIPOC Communities

Speakers: Dawn Brown, Archie Green and Kyle Galimba and Laura Martinez

During this panel discussion, participants will be able to hear from NSONAs who are successfully engaging Sharing Hope, HBCU, Compartiendo Esperanza initiatives and implementing in the community.

The Legal & Policy Fight for Equitable, Affordable Mental Health Care

Speakers: Caroline Reynolds, David Lloyd and Katie Dzurec, JD, MPA

Insurer tactics & impact on care
-Illegal claim denials
-Low reimbursements
ERISA’s role
-Protections for patients/providers
-Mental Health Parity Act obligations
Legal & policy action
-Case updates & implications
-Efforts to change public policy
Fighting back
-How to protect patient/provider rights



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