Workplace Mental Health

Beginning the Journey: How To Start a Mental Health Employee Resource Group In Your Workplace

Speakers: Douglas Brush and Stefanie Hoffman

During the pandemic, many companies created Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), providing community, education and advocacy, to address a growing mental health workplace crisis. This session will serve as a roadmap for employees looking to stand up a mental health ERG in their organization — from identifying a need and creating a leadership team, to holding difficult conversations with HR and legal to creating meaningful programming to effectively serving the mental health needs of a diverse workforce.

Creating a Culture of Support: Mental Health in the Workplace

Speakers: Aleta Barnett and Christine Michaels, MSHSA

American workers are stressed out, burned out, and in need of help. While more workplaces are looking for ways to prioritize mental health, many executives don’t know where to begin. During this session, presenters will explain how NAMI leaders can use their personal and professional experiences with mental health to help companies address escalating rates of burnout and develop practices to support employees affected by mental health conditions.

Breaking Ground in Law Enforcement: The Mental Wellness Check-in Initiative

Speaker: Adrienne Augustus, MPA

In 2021, the City of Hyattsville Police Department launched a groundbreaking initiative: Every officer and dispatcher would be required to meet once a quarter in one-on-one, 50-minute mental wellness check-in sessions with licensed mental health professionals. In this session, the program developer will discuss how the Department launched it, the partnerships and funding required, and the hurdles, successes, and results after one year of sessions at this small Maryland police department.

Data-Informed Workplace Mental Health Strategy

Speaker: Serena H. Huang, Ph.D.

A thought-provoking session on workplace mental health strategy. Dr. Serena Huang, a data analytics and HR executive with experience measuring workplace wellbeing in Fortune 500 companies, will inspire the participants to create effective strategies to improve employee mental health.

Raising the Bar for Workplace Mental Health

Speakers: Bettina Thompson (she/her) and Siska Treacy, MBA

Leaders at global organizations and companies around the world have established workplace programs to improving employee well-being, setting a bar for workplace health. The future of work now depends on how companies can continue to raise this bar. Learn how Amazon is taking on the problems of mental health access, quality, and impact head on, and ensuring that all employees and their families have access to a range of mental health and well-being resources to meet their unique needs.

The Rx for Well-Being: A New Framework for Enabling Holistic and Inclusive Well-Being

Speakers: Dana Rixter and Tyece Wilkins-Amadi

The Rx for Well-Being, a framework inspired by The Blue Zones, frames well-being with an inclusive lens, providing simple yet meaningful ways for employees to take care of themselves. The Rx for Well-Being focuses on three key areas:
MEDS: Mindfulness, Exercise (Movement), Diet and Sleep
Vitamin C: Connection, Compassion, Cash/Credit Comfort and Comedy
Vitamin D: Nature

Leading with Humanity – Showing the Value of Connected Communities

Speakers: Oscar Arango, LPC and Jennifer Knapp

This session will discuss what some retail communities are doing in the mental health space for their teams and community members.
Topics include:
-Educating on the headwinds impacting our most vulnerable communities
– Learn tactics of how to respond to community members by emotionally de-escalating and connecting them to services
-Discuss unique ways we can show up for those who may be going through or homelessness, drug/substance abuse or mental health crisis

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